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Background Checks Made Simple.

Walk into any interview with confidence. Whether you have a record or not, you’ll know what potential employers see and can address their questions.

Take the Guesswork Out of Background Checks

Our packages are built to make ordering your personal background checks simple, and compliant.

Simple Background Checks You Can Trust

95% of companies run a background check on employees during the hiring process. Make sure there are no surprises and find out what’s on your report today.

Verify your Identity

Upload legal documents, order your checks, check the status of your reports, and get your results delivered directly to your portal. No paper. No hassle.

Breathe easy. Your data is in your own hands.

Your data is secure and you’re free to share it with whoever needs access. On your own terms.

Have certainty with data sources.

MyCRC was built with you in mind. Our people-first approach combines our industry expertise with innovative technology to ensure ordering background checks can be as easy as clicking a button.

Here’s how our platform has helped others unlock fast, reliable background checks without the hassle.